Corporate Coaching

The Corporate and Executive coaching we offer allows individuals to develop their skills away from their normal environment and to receive the support they need. We can work with individuals, teams and groups.

Within the corporate field we help colleagues who are trying to solve problems, manage or instigate change. This could be young graduates, new managers, executives, returners to work or those undergoing redundancy. The coaching offered will help colleagues grapple with and understand how to manage change. From experience this will probably be a fusion of executive and life coaching. We also specialise in leadership & management coaching, plus skills development coaching. We can work with both individuals, groups and teams within an organisation, and we can use a psychometric test called MTQ48 to help measure mental toughness and use the outcomes to support the coaching conversations.

'My goal is to help you live your working life with energy, vitality, passion and clarity through building and developing meaningful relationships with your colleagues and clients. My approach can also include cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques, NLP and EFT'.

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