Your Pregnancy and Motherhood Journey

Helen Gormley

At Helen James Associates we provide solutions to energise, inspire and unleash your passion in your unique life. For women, we specifically focus on you if you are pregnant, on maternity leave, returning to work or wanting to think about doing something completely new!

Your pregnancy and motherhood journey is all about managing change, a journey which is wonderful magical and exciting but can also be a period of feeling anxious, vulnerable and uncertain. Our packages provide support for you if you are a Mum, Mum-to-be or hoping to be very soon which will equip you for your unknown journey ahead.

At last! You can look at your complete life with practical expert support in the hands of an empathetic coach. I can provide support when you most need it in a creative and supportive environment whilst having fun along the way.

I want you to feel enthusiastic about you and inspire those within and beyond your world.

Benefits are amazing to you and include:

  • Peace of Mind - freedom from worry and concern about the future which will enable you to dance in the moment
  • Clarity around your Life - provide you with simple steps for now and in the future
  • Greater self confidence and esteem - by having support you know you are not on your own but will also provide challenge to be the person you can be
  • Clear strategy - in the form of your very own life plan to help you move forward, with real actionable items set within a realistic timeline


By applying a holistic approach to your life you will be able to live in the moment, create what you want your life to be but more importantly create the flow that you want.

So rather than looking at your life as separate parts we can take a look at your life from a holistic perspective. This will enable you to focus on your wheel of life which can include a look at your career, health and wellbeing, money, fitness, fun and recreation. By utilising coaching techniques we will build your unique life and help you to see the impact of having balance across all areas of your life, this will provide you with the energy and passion to focus your attention on you!

The model I have devised I know will work and provide you with tools you need to manage the unexpected through your unique journey. You can choose to sign up to six sessions over a period that works for you, alternatively book one hour sessions tailored to your specific needs. For more information click on How it works? I also offer a Hypnobirthing programme, visit

My story:

From my own perspective, having my first baby has given me a different perspective which I could not have necessarily planned for, but has also allowed me to take a more holistic approach to my life and consider all aspects including my spiritual side by combining yoga, hypnosis and meditation, with defining what I want my life to look like to ensure that I sustain a unique sense of balance and harmony in my life. I am also finding the coaching techniques I have learned and developed with clients particularly useful.

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